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Voting on Election Day

When are the polls open?
Polls are open in Ohio from 6:30am to 7:30pm.

What do I need to bring with me to vote?
Click here for the Voter Identification Guide.

Where do I vote?
Click here to find your polling place.

What do I do when I enter my polling place?
When you arrive, a poll worker will greet you and direct you to an available check in station. Two poll workers will process you. They will ask you for your ID and ask you to verify your name and current address. Refer to the Voter Identification Guide for valid forms of ID for voting in Ohio and remember to have it with you when you vote on Election Day. You will then be asked to sign on the electronic poll book before the poll workers encode your ballot onto a voter access card.  Take the voter access card to any available touchscreen voting unit.  If you prefer to vote a paper ballot, be sure to tell the poll workers before they encode the voter access card.

How do I mark my ballot?
Butler County uses touchscreen voting units as its primary method of voting. After checking in with a poll worker, you will receive a voter access card that you will use to vote your ballot on a touchscreen unit. Simply go to any available unit and insert the voter access card into the bottom of the unit. Your ballot will appear. Follow the prompts to make your selections and page through your ballot. At the end of your ballot, you will be able to view all of your choices in each race and issue. You may go back to change any of your selections at any time. You then will be prompted to print your ballot. View your markings on the secure tape as it prints. Finally, you will be prompted to cast your ballot. Touch the cast button. Remove your voter access card from the unit and your ballot will be cast. Return the voter access card to a designated area in your location and receive your "I Love Voting" sticker.

You may also choose to vote a paper optical scan ballot if you wish. Simply tell your poll worker when checking in that you want to vote on paper. You will be given a paper ballot and black pen. Be sure to fully darken all the ovals on your paper ballot to ensure your choices are read by the scanner. You will place your voted paper ballot into a sealed yellow ballot bag at a check-in table in your location before receiving your "I Love Voting" sticker.

May I receive assistance when voting?
A voter with a physical or mental disability, or a voter who is unable to read or write, may be assisted by anyone of the voter's choice, except a candidate whose candidacy is being voted on in that precinct, the voter's employer or the employer's agent, or an officer or agent of the voter's union. A voter may also be assisted by two poll workers (each of a different political party). No one who assists a voter may disclose any information about how that person voted. For more information about access for voters with disabilities, please click here.
What is a provisional ballot and why would I have to vote one?

A provisional ballot is a second chance ballot for voters in Ohio. You will be required to vote a provisional ballot if you forget to bring ID to the polls on Election Day, have not updated your voter registration address by the 30-day deadline, have not updated your name and don't have legal proof of a name change with you at the polls, or have requested a vote-by-mail ballot or voted early at the Board of Elections. You also may be required to vote a provisional ballot if the registration confirmation card mailed by the Board of Elections when you registered or updated your registration is returned to the Board as undeliverable.

Click here for more information about provisional voting.

Interested in serving as a poll worker on Election Day?