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About Us

The Butler County Board of Elections commits to promoting civic participation and a stronger democracy by ensuring every resident of Butler County, Ohio, has the right to vote in an election system that is free, fair, open, and honest.

Embracing Federal and State Laws governing the administration of elections, the Butler County Board of Elections will:

  • maintain an accurate list of citizens who are qualified to vote;
  • encourage every eligible voter to participate effectively;
  • use equipment that reliably clarifies and registers the voter’s choice;
  • administer elections in a transparent and fair way; and
  • operate with equal efficacy for every citizen of our community.

The Board of Elections will carry out this commitment and accomplish this mission through active and responsible leadership, efficient and effective service delivery, and professional, fiscally-conservative resourceful management.

Our Board Members

Frank Cloud 
Frank Cloud was appointed to the Butler County Board of Elections in February 2010. A lifelong Democrat, Cloud has served as the chair of the Butler County Democratic Party and currently serves as a member of the Democratic Party's leadership board. He also is a leader in the labor community, serving as the Business Manager of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 648 for the past seven years.

Cloud was named Chairman of the Board of Elections in March 2012. Since joining the Board as a Member, Cloud has been integral to the Board's successful implementation of new technologies and processes to streamline the elections process and reduce costs.

Cloud is a lifelong resident of Butler County, currently living in Fairfield.

Mariann Penska, JD, MBA was appointed to the Butler County Board of Elections on January 16, 2018 to fill the unexpired term ending February 28, 2019. A lifelong Democrat, she has worked towards protecting rights of all voters since 2004. 

Penska's work experience includes 23 years in leadership at LexisNexis and representing victims of crime under Ohio's Victim of Crime laws as a practicing attorney. She has also been active in fighting for LGBTQ rights in both Ohio and Kentucky.

Penska is an active member of the Butler County Democratic Party and the Democratic Women of Southwest Ohio She is currently BCDP Central Committee Chair.

Penska has resided in Butler County for nine years and currently resides in West Chester.

Todd Hall (Board Member)
Todd Hall was appointed to the Butler County Board of Elections in February of 2014. A lifelong Republican, Mr. Hall has been involved with the Butler County Republican Party since 1997 and is currently Executive Committee Chairman of the Butler County Republican Party, as well as a Central Committee representative in his precinct.

Mr. Hall is a self-employed Homebuilder and real estate developer since 2003, he has been very active in the community over the years. Mr. Hall is a lifelong resident of Butler County.

Chris Wunnenberg, III (Board Member)
Chris was appointed by the Secretary of State to the Board of Elections on October 1, 2015 for the unexpired term of retiring Member Judy Shelton. Chris serves as Central Committee Chair for the Butler County Republican Party.

He is very involved in his community and was awarded West Chester Chamber Alliance Citizen of the Year 2006. He has been employed at Schumacher Dugan for 40 years.

He is married to Sandra and has three grown children.